Custom Design Slot

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Have you ever wanted a one-of-a-kind piece of Elysian Theory jewelry? This listing serves as a reservation and a deposit for your very own custom design!

Your custom piece could be for a special occasion such as bridal, a personalized gift for someone else, a modification of an existing ET design, or just a totally unique and OOAK piece of jewelry that you’ve been dreaming about wearing yourself. It could be a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a ring — the possibilities are (almost) endless.

If you have a brilliant, specific design idea just waiting to be executed, I want to hear about it — but there’s no requirement to come to me with something already fully-formed. If all you’ve got is a dream and good taste, that’s fine too. We’ll work together to develop something totally unique!

The number of slots will be limited so I can give each custom design the time and attention it deserves, but more will open up on a rolling basis as availability allows. Each slot is for ONE design and one piece of jewelry.



Q: What does the process look like for developing a custom piece after purchasing this listing?
A: Once you’ve purchased a slot, I will follow up with you individually via email to discuss your ideas and vision for your custom design. Your purchase of this listing will act only as an initial *deposit* for your OOAK piece, and the final cost will not be determined until we have an individual consultation about your ideas. Multiple rounds of back and forth discussion and revision may be necessary before finalizing the design of a custom piece, and timely communication helps to speed up the process.

Once we’ve finished the design process, I will send an invoice for the final payment, give you a timeline estimate, and begin production on your custom piece! When your piece is finished it will be shipped to your preferred address, where it will hopefully be cherished for many years.

Q: Will you make anything I can dream up?
A: Custom designs are limited to what I am able to create with the mediums, processes and techniques that you see in use in my current designs, and what creatively aligns with the ethos and aesthetic of Elysian Theory. I will not make pieces that don’t feel authentic to the spirit of the brand. The only hard and fast rule is: please don’t send me a photo of someone else’s work and ask me to make an exact replica! Not only is this unethical, it’s also boring :)

If you’re unsure about a certain design idea, please reach out to me — I will be more than happy to chat and let you know if a design is possible before you purchase a custom slot!
I reserve the right to refund custom slot deposits and/or decline customization requests and design ideas during any point of the process. Purchase of a custom slot listing by itself does not constitute a guaranteed agreement to develop a custom piece.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my finished custom piece?
A: The timeline of custom pieces is variable depending on the complexity of your design idea, and my current availability. Pieces that require materials/components that are not commonly used in my designs and need to be special ordered (e.g. alternate metals like silver), especially intricate and detailed pieces, or wax carved designs that need to be sent away for casting, will take extra time. If you need your custom piece by a specific date, such as for a wedding, please let me know before purchasing a custom slot so I can make sure that I’ll be able to accommodate your time frame. I would suggest planning for a lead time of 2-4 weeks at the minimum after the design idea is finalized.

Q: What is the general price range for custom work?
A: Again, this will depend entirely on the complexity and materials used for your design and I won’t be able to give you an accurate quote until we have an initial consultation — but in general, custom OOAK pieces will cost 20-30% more than comparable made-to-order designs that are currently available.

Q: Are custom orders returnable?
A: No refunds or returns will be accepted for custom orders. Don’t worry, though: we’ll be communicating through every step of the process to ensure that the final product is something you will love, and that the only surprises are of the “this looks even better than I thought it would!” variety.