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Jewelry Care & Information

About our Process

We start with the highest quality artist-grade polymer clay. Each color is individually mixed and pigmented in our studio before shapes are cut out and sculpted. From here, we bake every small batch in the oven until the pieces are fully cured to a durable, slightly flexible permanent state. Once cooled, each piece goes through a rigorous finishing process which can include multiple rounds of sanding, buffing, sealing, and drilling. Finally, we assemble the finished components into uniquely handcrafted statement earrings.


How to Care for Your Jewelry

Polymer clay is a durable material that won't shatter if dropped, unlike kiln-fired ceramic or porcelain. However, the surface can be easily scratched by harder materials such as metal. Be sure to store your earrings carefully away from other metal jewelry. Please remember that pearls and other metal parts can be damaged by rough handling or improper storage, so take care and keep in mind that each earring is handmade, wearable art.

Makeup or other dirt can be removed from clay components by gently going over dirty spots with soft cotton and rubbing alcohol or acetone (if earrings are matte, acetone may be used- if not, use rubbing alcohol).

 Raw brass/gold plated brass components may tarnish and darken over time if exposed to water and oils from the skin, but can be easily cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth and/or tarnish remover. Be sure to store earrings away from humidity to reduce tarnish. Earrings with gold filled components will not tarnish.