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20 May, 2019

How Do I Stand Out?

Yes, it’s difficult to find your own version of originality: it’s about striking a balance and discovering that happy place between the extremes of paralyzing fear of producing anything even remotely similar to anyone else, and blindly imitating the work of others. It takes hard work and courage to find this place -- but does that mean that, as a creator, you’re ever allowed to stop trying and take the lazy way out? If we give up and stop hunting for originality, what’s the point?
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15 Apr, 2018

On Dreams, Music School, Being a Small Business Owner, and Why Talent Doesn’t Matter

Music is a very difficult career path, and even though everyone tells you that as a young musician, it doesn’t really sink in until you find yourself trying to go down it and feeling distinctly wrong for some reason- like being the only one in the marathon trying to run through molasses, not understanding why the run seems so enjoyable for everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re a naturally talented runner or not- it’s going to be hard. 
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